House searches in Molenbeek: 3 people apprehended

Police held a number of house raids in western Brussels last night, according to judicial sources in connection with an investigation into terrorism. No weapons or explosives were found, but three suspects were taken in for questioning. However, the three have been released again, the Brussels judicial authorities said.

One of the premises targeted by police was at the Delaunoystraat in Molenbeek. Local police had received the support of special units in two of the four house searches.

The judicial authorities announced that no weapons, ammunition or explosives were discovered. The raids were part of a new investigation into terrorism, and are believed not to be linked to the Paris or Brussels attacks. 

The Delaunoystraat was the place where a house was raided to find Salah Abdeslam last year. He was eventually apprehended in the nearby Vierwindenstraat.

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