Icy roads across Flanders: man dies in Oekene

Roads were particularly slippery across Flanders on Sunday morning. The icy conditions caused a number of accidents, especially in West and East Flanders, with one victim succumbing in Oekene, near Roeselare.
A man died in Oekene as roads turned into ice fields last night.

Fresh snow showers in combination with frost last night - which created icy roads on places where snow had melted during the day - made for some extremely hazardous driving on Sunday morning.

The worst accident took place in Oekene, where a driver ended up on the hard shoulder. He left his vehicle, but was caught by another car at the same moment. The man died on the spot.

An accident in Deerlijk (West Flanders) left six people injured, while a car ended up on its roof in Menen. Fire services had to liberate the driver from her vehicle, but she is not in a life-threatening condition.

Other accidents took place in East Flanders, on the E40 Motorway between Ghent and Brussels in Wetteren and Erpe-Mere.

Gritter services are doing what they can, but roads can remain slippery for a couple of days.

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