A quarter of Belgians can't afford a holiday!

A quarter of all Belgians are unable to afford a week's holiday because they don't have the cash. Figures from the Belgian economy ministry show that last year 6% of the people of Belgium experienced serious material deprivation.

Deprivation means that people cannot afford the prevailing standard of living. Material deprivation is measured on the basis of the presence of nine different possessions and the ability to carry out several activities that represent our average standard of living.

They include the ability to go on holiday for a week, an unexpected expenditure or buying a TV. If people are unable to afford four of the nine items then there they are experiencing serious material deprivation. Most people are able to afford a TV or telephone, but for 26% of people an unexpected expenditure of 1,100 euros is problematic. The same percentage are unable to afford a week's holiday.

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