It's potholes galore in Belgium

"The recent freeze has caused havoc with Belgian roads" the spokesman of the Belgian motoring association Touring told the daily Het Laatste Nieuws. Each and every day the organisation is now receiving 15 reports of new potholes hampering the traffic.

Danny Smagghe: "Local roads are maintained by the municipalities. There, routine work still needs to be done. Ring roads and motorways will still need a catch-up operation. The potholes need to be sorted ASAP because they form a danger for bikers."

Potholes in the roads become more prevalent when freezing temperatures regularly alternate with a thaw accompanied by rain. The rain and meltwater ends up in the holes in the road surface causing additional damage. When the water freezes and the volume expands the damage become greater.

Potholes are dangerous for drivers. Motorists suddenly forced to avoid a pothole can pose a danger to other road users. Potholes can also lead to damaged cars: a flat tire or problems with the suspension.

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