Giraffe calf born at Planckendael

A giraffe calf has been born at the Planckendael animal park, near Mechelen in Antwerp Province. The baby giraffe was born on Thursday morning. Visitors to the Planckendael can already catch a glimpse of the little giraffe in its enclosure. The new addition means that Planckendael now has 8 giraffes.

All being well another giraffe calf is due to be born next month.
Giraffe Megara, herself born at Plancnckendael, gave birth to the 1.75 metres tall "rather stocky build” calf early on Thursday.

The birth was recorded on camera. A Planckendael spokesperson told VRT News that "The birth of a giraffe is amazing because the baby falls two metres and then gets up quickly and stands up”.

It is still not clear whether the calf is male or female. As soon as the sex of the calf is known the general public will be invited to help choose a name for via the animal park’s YouTube channel. Like the names of all the other animals born at Planckendael this year, the giraffe calf’s name will begin with an S.

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