Michel calls for cool-headedness with regard to Trump

The Belgian Premier Charles Michel (Francophone liberal) has called for cool-headedness and professionalism ahead of the inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the United States. It is more than possible that the White House’s new resident will come to Belgium later this year for the NATO summit in Brussels.

Speaking after Friday morning’s cabinet meeting Mr Michel told journalists that "We should respect the result of the election”.
The Prime Minister added the most important thing here is our country’s relationship with the United States.

Mr Michel also looked at things from a European perspective. It is still a matter of wait and see as regards how President Trump will position himself on Europe. However, there are other foreign policy challenges that need to be addressed such as the start of the Brexit negotiations and the situations in Libya, Syria and Russia.

"More than ever we need a clear European project with two clear priorities” According to Mr Michel these two priorities are on the one hand economic growth and job creation and on the other hand security. "We shouldn’t just hope that others outside the European Union will guarantee our security”.

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