Average speed cameras in Brussels tunnels from this spring!

Checks using average speed cameras (SPECS) are being introduced in the Leopold II tunnel, part of the inner Brussels orbital ring road. The speed limit was lowered to 50 km/h last year, but few are the Belgian motorists who stick to this lower speed limit.
DESSART Victoria

Recent checks showed that two-thirds of drivers ignored the speed limit. Some motorists clocked up speeds of 120 km/h in the Brussels tunnels. In response the Brussels Region now plans to turn on average speed cameras as early as the spring. Commuters found speeding risk a hefty fine.

Traffic safety minister Bianca Debaets: "Average speed cameras are a fair system, because you are not measuring speed at one moment as with conventional radars, you are measuring the average speed over a stretch of road."

The average speed cameras have already been installed. Talks are now being held with the police and prosecutors to work out a system to enforce fines, so the cameras can be switched on.

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