Belgium disagrees with Trump’s Muslim ban

The Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel (Francophone Liberal) has said that Belgium disagrees with the measures taken by the American President Donald Trump banning Muslim refugees and people from 7 Middle Eastern countries from entering the United States.

Speaking on Sunday morning, Mr Michel added that “Belgium will not be following the example” set by President Trump and “will be requesting further explanation via diplomatic”.

However, Mr Michel said that it was a decision taken by a sovereign f state. “Migration policy is a matter for the American Government”. Nevertheless, the Belgian Government intends to follow developments closely to assess “the possible implications for our citizens”.

Mr Michel concluded by saying that he had looked closely the measures taken by the Trump administration and had discussed them with other EU leaders.

“Federal and Flemish Governments should condemn measures”

The leader of the Flemish Socialist Party John Crombez has called on the Federal and Flemish Government to condemn the ban on Muslims from 7 countries entering the US.

"Stopping terrorists at the border is necessary, but preventing innocent families from going to the United States on the ground of their faith or origin is shameful and counter-productive”, Mr Crombez said.

The socialist leader added that measures spell “the end of the USA as the land of free”.

Mr Crombez called on the European Union to follow the example set by the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and “to welcome those that are no longer allowed to enter the US”.