Inflation hike hits Belgium

Belgian inflation soared to 2.65% last month according to the latest figures from the federal economy ministry. In December of last year inflation was still only 2.65%.

January was a month in which electricity, heating fuel, petrol and DERV, spirits, natural gas, water, telecom services, fruit and veg and your health insurance fee all became more expensive. Only air fares became cheaper. Still the index that can trigger a 2% rise in public sector wages and benefits didn't go up enough to warrant a pay rise for public sector workers and claimants.

Most striking in the past month's figures is the rise in energy inflation. Energy inflation now stands at 11.18%. Electricity is now 19.4% more expensive than a year ago. Heating fuel is up 8.4%, petrol and DERV 18.5%, while natural gas is 2.1% cheaper.

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