Antwerp pub boycotts US products

Café Zeezicht in Antwerp is responding to President Trump's new entry ban by shunning US products. Coca Cola, Lay's crisps and Heinz ketchup are off the menu! The pub will in future only sell Belgian crisps. Drinks will no longer be sourced from the Coca Cola group.

"Something had to be done" landlady Babs Cossaert told VRT Radio Antwerp. "This is why we are only selling products we believe in. We are who we are and follow our own principles."

Babs Cossaert insists that an economic measure is probably the only one Mr Trump will understand: "We wanted to make a statement."

Others seem set to follow the pub's initiative. Daily Gazet van Antwerpen reports that chippie De Frieterij is also banning US drinks and sauces.