Belgium to host pro-abortion conference

The Belgian and Flemish capital will be hosting a special conference seeking funds for NGOs that help women to defend their sexual rights including abortion. The conference is being organised by the Belgian government that is pledging 10 million euros. The conference seeks to help NGOs affected by US President Trump's decision to end funding for pro-abortion initiatives.

There are worries that Mr Trump's measure that stops support for organisations carrying out abortions outside the US could prevent women in developing countries from having access to safe abortions. The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg, Finland and Cape Verde are supporting the initiative. The organisers hope to raise millions of dollars to counter the US president's measure.

International development minister Alexander De Croo (top left) has confirmed Belgium will organise the conference together with the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark. Belgium is pledging ten million euros to the "Global fundraising Initiative She Decides". The fund will support NGOs involved in women's rights, family planning and the sexual health of girls and women.