Flanders wants employees to take up physical exercise at work

The Flemish government has launched a campaign to get more employees to do physical exercise - at work. "Sport op het werk" (sports at work) will advise companies on the issue. Only 8 percent of the Flemish small and middle-sized businesses is offering sports facilities, while 63 percent of Flemish employees does not get enough physical exercise. More than 50 percent is battling overweight.
McPHOTO / INSADCO / Bilderbox

"We should have sports in our genes. The general idea now is that sports is something for our passtime, but why shouldn't it be possible within the working context?", the Flemish Sports Minister Philippe Muyters (N-VA) says. 

"It's good for your health, it gets people together, in a different way, and healthy employees have a positive effect on the company", Muyters argues. Employers and employees will be able to fill in a so-called 'sports and movement scan' online.

"This will give employers a good overview", says Philippe Paquay of Sport Vlaanderen. "We will also engage in a dialogue with employers, to inform them about good practices and about opportunities in the nearby area, fit-o-meters on the work floor, training sessions or classes etc."

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