Brussels noise norms: It's a new conflict of interest!

The Flemish government has decided to invoke 'conflict of interest' legislation to delay the introduction of new noise norms for airplanes in the Brussels region. In this way the implementation of the new norms can be delayed. The Flemish government believes that the new stricter norms pose a threat to the viability of Brussels Airport that unlike the name suggests is located in Flanders.

The committee representing all Belgian governments has been notified. The move delays the introduction of the stricter norms by a further 60 days. The measure is intended to give the various governments more time to reach a deal acceptable to all.

The daily De Tijd reports that both the Flemish and the federal governments have drawn up new proposals sharing the benefits and disadvantages of Brussels Airport.

It's the second time that the Flemish government gives notification of a conflict of interest with regard to the Brussels noise norms.

Down the road in Brussels, the Brussels regional government is insisting that it will now fine noisy aircraft flying over the Belgian and Flemish capital between 11PM and 7AM. It challenges the right of the Flemish government to invoke a conflict of interest twice and calls on the federal prime minister to ensure a state of law and order is observed.

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