Bruges kindergartner dies under lorry's wheels

A kindergartner of six is dead after he was run over by a lorry while attempting to cross a zebra crossing.

The accident happened near the school gate of the Sint Lodewijkscollege in Bruges, where the youngster was in the 3rd kindergarten class. The child was walking on a zebra crossing when he was hit by a lorry and ended up under the wheels of the vehicle. Medics attempted to reanimate the boy at the scene. He was taken to hospital where he died of his injuries. Bruges prosecutors have appointed a traffic expert who is charged with examining what exactly happened.

Prosecutors have given further details of the accident. The lorry driver says he stopped at the zebra crossing that unlike in Britain is not equipped with Belisha beacons. The driver wanted to let a group of parents and children cross. The boy joined the group late and had not been noticed by the driver. Spokeswoman Fien Maddens notes that the driver would probably have seen the lad if he had looked in his mirrors.

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