"Their job is to drive a lorry not to check Facebook during hours"

Hauliers based in Kalmthout (Antwerp) are the first in Belgium to equip their lorries with the Freeedrive app. The app checks whether drivers are using their mobile hands free. "Their job is to drive a lorry not to check Facebook during hours. It's something they know!" DBT Logistics’ Chris Delcroix told VRT.

Drivers can download the app on their work smartphone. If they pick up their mobile, they hear a warning telling them that they are displaying dangerous behaviour and that they should put their phone to one side. They get a message on their mobile as well as a score that provides them with information about their smartphone use.

The company wants to show drivers that they have a responsibility to society. Use of the app is not compulsory, but so far not a single driver has refused to download it.

DBT Logistics’ Chris Delcroix: "My impression is that most drivers welcome the initiative". Several other firms have shown an interest in Freeedrive that was developed by a Belgian start-up company.

The daily De Standaard reports that last year alone Belgian police drew up over 108,000 reports regarding the use of a mobile phone behind the wheel. 30,000 reports affected lorry drivers. The traffic institute says that mobile phone use at the wheel is a more and more common cause of traffic accidents.

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