Nearly half of all Flemings don't go to the dentist

Figures from the Christian health fund CM reveal that nearly a half of all Flemings failed to make an appointment with a dentist last year. The figure rose to 47% in 2016, up 4% from 43% in 2015.
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The fund is surprised by the figures. In 2015 a special project publicised changes to the regulations. As a result, people who don't visit a dentist, won't see their visits partly refunded the following year. The figures show that it's especially adults on low income that are being affected. The CM's Luc Van Gorp: "The high cost of some treatments is preventing vulnerable people from visiting the dentist. Tackling financial disincentives must remain a priority if we want to ensure that vulnerable people get better access to dental care."

The health fund is insisting on the importance of an annual visit to the dentist’s. In addition to the health benefits it also ensures that health care treatments are partly refunded.

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