King Filip calls for hope and tenderness

King Filip has addressed the nation and the world at Schuman roundabout on the occasion of the first anniversary of the Brussels attacks. The king spoke in Dutch, French and English and directly addressed the families of the 22/3 victims.

"Dear families with countless victims around the world you share these deep wounds caused by deadly madness. Let me put to you this one conviction. It is the responsibility of every one of us to make our society more humane and more just. Let us learn to listen to each other again, to respect each other's weaknesses and to put them right and above all let us dare to be tender. On this day of awareness and recollection our country owes you this commitment."

King Filip speaks in English towards the end of our video.

King Filip's address is unusual. The king normally only addresses the people on the national holiday and at Christmas. Today no speeches by government ministers are expected. Commentators are linking this to criticism from survivors and the victims' families, who complained about subsequent care.

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