“Ring" to get separate cycle lanes

Brussels prime minister Rudi Vervoort has unveiled plans to provide safe cycle paths for cyclists negotiating the inner Brussels orbital ring road. Pedestrians too will soon be able to enjoy broad pavements.

Known locally as the "Small Ring" this traffic artery will soon be equipped with separate cycling lanes and wide pavements. Premier Vervoort told newsmen that in this way pedestrians will soon enjoy more space as will cyclists and people with limited mobility. Roads parallel to the "Small Ring" too are being completely revamped to ensure that cyclists are given priority. The aim is to improve the quality of life for residents, commuters and visitors.

Work on the new infrastructure that will mean a reduction in the number of parking places has already started in some places. The necessary licences too are on the way. The work will be carried out in phases and will be co-ordinated with tunnel renovation work in order to limit traffic disruption.

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