Tervuren and Overijse most expensive places for renting in Flanders

How much are you paying your landlord each month? The Flemish government has launched a new website to calculate the rental price of your property or the place where you are living. And by the way, Tervuren and Overijse are the most expensive places to rent a home, De Standaard calculated.

When you open the website, you will find a tool to calculate how much your property would yield on the renting market. You can fill in a specific questionnaire (how large is the property, where is it situated, do you have a good view (if any), is there an outside terrace, how many bedrooms does it have etc.)

In the end, the website comes up with a suggestion for a monthly rental price. This is usual for property owners, but it also allows you to see whether you are presently paying too much or not in your rental place.

The south of West Flanders is cheap

A good preview about what to expect is being supplied by data from Steunpunt Wonen -  an umbrella organisation including the universities of Brussels, Leuven and Antwerp among others.

De Standaard reports that the cheapest rental prices in the Flemish Region - over 20 percent below the Flemish average - can be found in southern parts of West Flanders. In Zonnebeke, Mesen, Heuvelland and Vleteren, close to the Flanders Fields area, tenants are best off.

This is a rather remote area, from which it takes more time to travel to bigger cities like Bruges or Ghent. Travel times are an important factor for Flemings. If you would have plans to move: Vleteren boasts one of the most renowned beers of Belgium (Westvleteren).

Tervuren prices 34 percent above the average

Just like real estate prices, renting prices go up the closer you live nearby the big cities. The vicinity of green and quiet areas and a good connection are also factors contributing to the price.

In this respect, it is no surprise that the area around Brussels is the most expensive. Tervuren is 34 percent above the Flemish average, followed by Overijse (+28), Zaventem (+28) and Kraainem (+24).

Leuven is the most expensive city in Flanders to rent a place (+24%). The more expensive spots are situated in and around Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent and Hasselt.

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