March 2017 equals heat record

The Belgian met office says that March 2017 equalled a record first set in 1991 when average temperature in March worked out at 9.5° C. Average highs and lows were also well above the normal.

The usual average temperature for March is 6.8°C in Brussels. The usual average low is 3.1°C. Last month an average low of 5.3°C was recorded. Throughout March temperatures failed to drop below 2°C.

March 2017 was the fifth frost-free March since 1901. The other four years were 1983, 2003, 2012 and 2014.

A high of 21.8°C was recorded on 30 March. That's one degree below the highest high for March recorded on 29 March 1968.

March 2017 also witnessed a very high number of hours of sun: 155 hours compared with the usual 113 hours. It only rained on ten days compared to the average 17.

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