Rare Tintin drawing fetches surprisingly much at Paris auction

A rare Tintin drawing has fetched no less than 753,000 euros at auction house Artcurial in Paris. This is more than the expected sum of between 600,000 and 700,000 euros. The original drawing is from the album "Tintin in America" and goes back to 1937.

The illustration measures 21x15 centimetres and is one of four coloured hard-surface drawings going with a black-and-white album from 1937.

It shows Tintin holding a revolver in his hand and standing on the outside step of a taxi in the streets of Chicago. "The drawing shows Hergé's feeling for perspective and his talent to represent speed", the auction house comments.

The sum of 753,000 euros comes close to the record amount of 770,600 euros, which was paid for a different Tintin plaque in 2015.

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