Finance minister: "Belgian tax are levels too high"

Of all OECD countries Belgium is the country where the tax burden fell most sharply in 2016. Still taxation levels in Belgium remain among the highest in the OECD.

In Belgium in 2016 singles in work without any children paid 54% of their income in tax. In Germany the figure is 49.4%, in Hungary 48.2% and in France 48.1%. France has the highest tax level for couples with two children with one parent in work: 40%. Belgium on 38.6% is among the leaders here too.

The Organisation representing the world's richest countries does see positive developments in Belgium. Together with Austria it's the only member where tax levels for singles in work without children fell by over 1% last year. The move is the result of a reduction in income tax and lower employers' contributions on labour.

Belgian finance minister Van Overtveldt says the figures show that the government's efforts to cut tax levels, the tax shift, have worked.

"The OECD figures show that everybody benefits and that people on low income benefit most. The shift also boosted job creation in the private sector. This does not detract from the fact that tax levels in Belgium are too high. A positive trend has been started, but it's one we have to continue."

Belgian tax levels remained more or less stable during the past ten years.