More Walloons finding work in Flanders

More and more Walloons are finding a job in Flanders. The number of Walloons finding a job in northern Belgium rose 23% during the past two years.

In 2014 13,498 Flemish job vacancies were filled by people from Wallonia. By 2016 the figure had shot up to 16,669.

In the daily Gazet van Antwerpen Flemish labour minister Muyters attributes the rise to the labour shortage in northern Belgium: "Flemish unemployment has been falling for over a year. There are fewer new employees available and businesses are having to hunt for staff in Brussels and Wallonia."

Co-operation between the Flemish and Walloon job agencies has improved markedly too.

"The two agencies use the same system to discover which skills somebody needs for a particular job. We're talking about more than a diploma or a CV. In this way it's easier to fill jobs, possibly also with people from Wallonia."

Most Walloons working in Flanders live on the language border, though some are prepared to make an awful long journey to work in northern Belgium.