Is Flemish nationalist support haemorrhaging?

Opinion research conducted by VRT News and the daily De Standaard suggests that if an election were called today the governing Flemish nationalists would lose 6 percentage points, but still remain the largest political party in Flanders. The survey contains good news for the ecologists of Groen, who if the result were confirmed in an actual poll, would become the third largest party in northern Belgium.

Groen takes 14.7% up 6% in comparison with the last general election in 2014. The result is the best ever for the party that overtakes the socialists and the liberals. The greens take support from the Christian democrats but above all from the socialists.

The Flemish nationalist N-VA remains the largest party by far, but tumbles 6 percentage points. The nationalists are haemorrhaging support to the far right and the Christian democrats. The governing Christian democrats are second and are gaining support. The socialists lose further support, while there are modest gains for the far right Vlaams Belang. The far left PVDA would fail to take a single seat in Flanders.