Speed check marathon on Wednesday

Belgian police have today again unleashed a speed camera marathon on the travelling public. For twenty-four hours police officers will concentrate on catching speeding offenders on motorways, roads and byroads. The police will employ fixed and mobile cameras.

Police spokesman Peter Dewaele: "We will be present in many places and won't wait until these locations have become common knowledge on social media."

The checks last until 6AM on Thursday. Last time such an operation was carried out 400,000 vehicles were checked. 5.75% of motorists were driving too fast.

Peter Dewaele hopes that fewer people will be caught today: "We are confident that as a result of this operation everybody will notice that they get to work on time even if they stick to the speed limit. You may find it's more fun driving on the motorway if everybody sticks to the limit."

The speed checks are staged in a bid to reduce the high number of road deaths in Belgium.

Peter Dewaele: "We should give our all to reduce the number of road deaths on Belgian roads because other countries are performing better than us."