Eurovision Song Contest a ratings hit in Flanders

Not only did Belgium’s Eurovision Song Contest candidate Blanche put in a strong performance in Saturday evening’s Eurovision Song Contest, but the contest itself was a ratings success for the VRT. An average of 1.2 million Flemings watched the live broadcast from Kiev on the VRT’s television channel Eén.
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This peaked at 1.6 million viewers around the time of Blanche’s performance at 10:53 pm. Portugal won the contest, Belgium came in a very respectable fourth.

The semi-finals too pulled in the viewers. An average of 604,934 viewers watched the second semi-final on Eén on Thursday evening. Tuesday evening’s first semi-final (in which Blanche performed) was watched by an average of 817,865 viewers.

Then too there was a peak of 955,162 viewers at around 11pm when it was announced that Blanche had made it through to the final.

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