‘Sex in class’ presenter fears effect of porn on teens

The clinical psychologist and sexual therapist Goedele Liekens says that she fears for the effects of pornography on teenagers. Ms Liekens who is well-known for her television work in Flanders, the Netherlands and the UK told the VRT that “I am concerned about 12 and 13-year-olds. There between 30% and 40% has seen pornography”

Ms Liekens added that “This doesn’t necessarily mean that the situation is drastic, but it could become so if there is no decent and explicit sex education”

This is the responsibility of schools, parents, but also of the media. However, according to Goedele Liekens “Flemish media simply don’t dare to do it”

Ms Liekens appeared in Monday evening’s edition of ‘Op weg met Jan' on the VRT’s television channel Eén. She talked about porn, something she believes is not an issue if watched by adults. However, issues do arise when young teenagers watch pornography.

Last year Goedele Liekens gave sex education lessons at a school in the North of England for the British commercial television network Channel 4’s series “Sex in class”.

The teenagers she taught defined good sex as “you make love to a girl and you cum on her face”. The teenagers based their assertion on what they had seen in pornography.

"They watch it with the best of intentions in order to become a good lover”. However, they lack thorough and explicit sex education.

However, England isn’t Flanders, so are things just as bad here? Goedele Liekens believes that they are. Teenagers are teenagers and here in Flanders people are still embarrassed to talk about sex. Flanders’ most famous sexual therapist fears for the long term effects of youngsters watching porn.

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