Antwerp nursery nurse brutally beats baby

An Antwerp nursery nurse was detained on suspicion of extreme child abuse. The mother of a six-month-old baby raised the alarm when she found a bruise under her child’s jaw. The Antwerp Judicial Authorities have confirmed that an investigation has been opened. The woman has since been released pending further investigation.

Shocking pictures obtained by the regional television channel ATV show how the infant is brutally assaulted by the woman whose job it was to take care of here.

The baby’s mother told ATV that "I found bruises on her face, but as a young mother you don’t always know where they came from”.

"My paediatrician advised us to raise the issue with the crèche. They checked their CCTV and what they discovered was horrifying. I can’t understand that such a monster is allowed to be with children”.

The baby was taken to hospital for treatment. Meanwhile the crèche has dismissed the allegedly violent nursery nurse.

"We have been deeply affected by this case. We took the CCTV images to the police straight away and also lodged a complaint”, the owner of the crèche Larissa Van Wesemael told ATV.

The baby’s mother said of the crèche: “We don’t blame them at all. They reacted quickly and were clearly shocked by the images”.

The Flemish Children’s Agency Kind en Gezin has been informed. Kind and Gezin says that the crèche acted correctly as it reported the incident as soon it was aware of it.

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