"Melania, forget Brussels, come to Aalst!": how Fleming Inti hacked Melania Trump's e-mail account

The Flemish ethical hacker Inti De Ceukelaire has got hold of the private e-mail account of the American First Lady Melania Trump. He next seized the opportunity to send Melania a friendly invitation to visit the city of Aalst. "It was a piece of cake. This is not okay for a First Lady, I think", De Ceukelaire told our news desk.

De Ceukelaire explained how he embarked on his feat: he first pretended to be Melania Trump, and that she had forgotten her Facebook password. He thus found out the exact length of the e-mail address linked to the Facebook account, and the first and last letter. He next used this information in a special programme that tested out various possibilities and soon had the e-mail address.

De Ceukelaire is advising Trump's spouse to adapt her privacy regulations in the short term. "This seems like a dangerous situation for her. She is very close to the president. Hackers could steal information from her account and use it against her," he explains. De Ceukelaire's aim is to improve cyber security worldwide.

"Come to Aalst, it's paradise"

De Ceukelaire next wrote Melania an e-mail to inform her about her e-mail risks, adding some humour as well, as he invited her to come to Aalst (a provincial city situated between Ghent and Brussels, which usually makes the news every year around Carnival and, recently, because of a mysterious stench that was haunting local residents) instead of Brussels.

"Aalst is like the Las Vegas of Belgium. Except for the rich people. And the casinos. And the hotels. Don't waste your time in Brussels. Why should you want to visit a hellhole when paradise is just 30 kilometres away?" (...) "If you would be looking for a place to build a new Trump Tower, don't look any further, Aalst residents adore towers, ask Ilse Uyttersprot (the former Aalst Mayor who was once spotted off-guard in a tower while making love on holiday, red). 

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