"The Belgian armed forces are bankrupt"

The Belgian army is bankrupt. At least, that's according to Roger Housen, the strategical advisor of the independent trades union ACMP, who was speaking on the Francophone public broadcaster RTBF this morning. He says PM Michel is misleading people with the promises he is making.
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"Such are the facts: we are the worst NATO pupil. On the list of 28 NATO countries, we are almost bottom of the table for the defence budget, and we are last where investments in new material are concerned. Each captain of industry will tell you that his company is bankrupt if this company has not made any investments for 10 years. Our armed forces are bankrupt", Housen was sounding the alarm at Matin Première.

Housen said that the army has to borrow ammunition for the F16 jets above Iraq and Syria, that one in five vehicles are not running after breaking down, and that soldiers have to pay their bullet-proof vests themselves.

Michel has confirmed the government's intention to raise the budget and lift it to 2% of GDP, but Housen says this is just "for the show."

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