Red alert in the Kalmthout Heath

The scorching heat has triggered alert phase red in some natural areas in Antwerp Province, including the famous Kalmthout Heathlands (Kalmthoutse Heide). Experts are advising against hiking in these areas, as there is an increased risk of fire. A red alert is relatively rare for the Kalmthout Heaths.
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The red alert means a heath fire is imminent. The Environmental Agency Natuur en Bos is strongly advising against venturing out in the Kalmthout Heaths, Eksterheide, De Merode, Most Keiheuvel and Tielenheide: "Don't smoke, and never leave children alone." Fire services are standby.

Spring has been drier than usual, and at the same time we are having long, hot sunny days. The sun is very powerful at this time of year. A dry, warm south-easterly breeze is expected for tomorrow with temperatures peaking to 30 Celsius.

The above-named areas are situated in Antwerp. In Limburg Province, which also boasts many natural areas, alert level orange has been installed.

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