Flemish sex expert launches online sex classes with explicit footage: "No porn"

Sexologist Goedele Liekens has launched her own website Goedele.com. The site contains lots of practical information about "realistic" sex, meant to boost sexual pleasure. The website also includes a paying category with explicit footage. It's meant to be educational and not as a kind of porn, Liekens underlines.
© VRT Lies Willaert

Men and women aiming to improve their sex life, can go to Goedele.com for texts and videos. "As a sexologist I want to prevent problems", Liekens said when her website was presented earlier this week. "In most cases there is no physical problem, but rather a lack of knowledge or false expectations. Sexual pleasure is one of the big taboos in society, which makes that even many couples are not talking about it."

Liekens points to the role of porn videos, which can give people a wrong image. "I am not against it, but it's mainly about excitement. And mostly, it is also focusing on male pleasure. It's not meant for education." Her website wants to bring an alternative. The platform contains a number videos - in the paying section - with sex classes. "It's right in your face, but mind you, while the footage may be explicit, this is completely different from porn."  

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