Has 14-year-old absconded to Syria?

Brussels police are trying to track down a 14-year-old girl from the borough of Ukkel who went missing on her way to school last Wednesday. There are concerns that the girl may have fallen victim to Islamic radicalisation.

Last Wednesday Firdaous Bouhaltite Soulaimane never arrived at school. Prosecutors are particularly worried as the girl never played truant in the past. They are not ruling out that Firdaous Bouhaltite Soulaimane was radicalised and may have left the country bound for Syria.

Prosecutor's spokeswoman Ine Van Wymersch: "This disappearance is being treated like all other worrying disappearances. We have distributed two photos: one of the girl in traditional garb, the other in western clothing. This is because the missing girl wears both styles of clothing. Moreover, the possibility she is bound for Syria is being investigated. We are not yet able to say whether she actually left for that country. She may still be in Belgium. She has never been in Syria before."

The girl's elder sister is said to be a returned Syria fighter.

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