Notorious arms trafficker sentenced to three years

One of the most notorious arms dealers in Belgian history, Jacques Monsieur, has received three years' imprisonment, a heavier punishment than the public prosecutor had demanded. He also has to cough up a fine of 300,000 euros.
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Monsieur (64) was standing trial in Brussels, facing charges of illegal gunrunning to countries like Libya, Chad, Pakistan and Iran. These included the supply of 100,000 automatic guns to Libya, 10 tanks and 5 helicopters to Guinea Bissau, 200,000 automatic guns and ammunition to Chad, rocket launchers and guns to Pakistan and other military material to Iran.

Monsieur has always denied the charges, claiming the arms trafficking was a cover-up to work as a secret agent. The court mainly sees him as an illegal go-between when weapons deals were sealed. Monsieur was not present in court.

The Belgian's reputation has always been surrounded by mystery. While he built a reputation as arms dealer supplying guns to several war-stricken areas, he has always claimed to have gathered intelligence for a number of instances like the CIA. This being said, his reputation has always been a controversial one.