Fourth mildest spring in Belgium in 185 years and particularly dry

The Belgian Met Office has released the average figures for the past month of May and for the whole spring (March, April and May). Weather presenter Frank Deboosere explained that we had a particularly mild spring, the fourth warmest in 185 years. It was also dry, with precipitation being down 40 percent in Ukkel compared to what we should normally have. We also enjoyed a lot more sunshine than usual.

You have probably felt it in in the past weeks: mild temperatures, lots of sun and dry weather. The past month of May confirmed the larger picture for the whole of spring.

May was particularly hot. The general average temperature was 15.5 Celsius, almost 2 degrees up on the average. "This makes it the sixth hottest May on record, since 1833", Deboosere points out.

Looking at the whole spring, we enjoyed 535 hours of sunshine (464 normally or some 20 percent up). The general average temperature was 11.3 Celsius, compared to 10.1 normally. "This ranks us in fourth place on a list of hottest springs since 1833", explains Deboosere.

Nature had to be content with just 108 millimetres of rain spread over 38 days (of a possible 92 days). This is some 40 percent down on the average of 188 mm (49 days). Like in other parts of western Europe, nature is craving for some rain. The figures apply to Belgium's main measuring station in Ukkel (Brussels).