"Don't be surprised to spot a fox on the Brussels market place at night"

It's a trend that has been going on for some time: more foxes are popping up in urban areas, also in Brussels. There is a good chance of having an encounter, but take care: don't come too close, and never feed the animals.

Brussels is one of those cities where foxes are regularly being seen. One of our colleagues managed to take this picture on the VRT premises recently, when he was driving home late at night.

Diemer Vercayie of the environmental agency Natuurpunt makes this bold statement: "Chances are real to spot a fox on the Brussels Grand Place (Grote Market) at night. (...) Foxes have adapted their behaviour as mankind is taking more green space from them. Moreover, cities and towns are a good place to live for foxes: there are many rats and mice to be eaten, and they can find leftovers from food in the garbage."

Cute as they may look, Natuurpunt is advising against becoming too close. There are stories of people feeding them and letting them into the house. "They remain wild animals, and may react strangely in certain situations."

People keeping pets outside, like guinea pigs, rabbits or chickens, are advised to take into account the possible presence of foxes by protecting them.

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