Met Office alarmed by drought

Spring is coming to a close with the Belgian Met Office warning that rain levels this year were well below normal. Rainfall levels have been low since last July. If the situation continues in this way various sectors could be affected as badly as in 1976.

Ukkel measured 108 mm of rainfall from March until May. Rainfall during the past 11 months only accounted for 65% of normal rainfall levels. Rain fell abundantly during the first half of last year. As a result ground water levels have not yet seen any serious shortages. But with no significant rainfall in prospect the accumulated shortage could start to cause problems. Forecasts for the immediate future speak of mainly dry conditions with highs returning to 25°C degrees.

The Met Office's David Dehenauw is worried: "The drought has continued for a lengthy period and now summer is about to start. The next fortnight will be mainly dry so we are expecting problems."