Human remains uncovered in newly laid path

Human remains have been recovered from a newly laid path in woodland the East Flemish hamlet of Serskamp (Wichelen). At first there were worries that the construction work could have been used to hide a murder, but an examination of the remains including human bones soon revealed they were not new, but of an historic nature. Still, police have grounds to investigate the matter.

The newly laid path is being dug up to allow its contents to be properly examined. The municipal authorities fear some wrong-doing and have initiated their own investigation. They say that the decision to use pebbles that were originally used on paths at a local cemetery was wrong. A spokesman for the municipality insisted that all materials originating from a cemetery should be used with the necessary care.

There are fears that the use of materials containing human remains may be an attempt by a former municipal worker to get back at his manager after several earlier rows.