Nasty accident on Brussels - Ostend motorway

Police are frantically looking for witnesses to a serious road accident at Beernem on the Brussels - Ostend motorway. The two cars that are said to have caused the accident, but were not directly involved failed to stop.

The two cars drove onto the motorway from the Beernem slip road around midday. This proved to be a hazardous undertaking due to the busy coast-bound traffic. The second-placed vehicle, a grey Mercedes, managed to get onto the motorway first requiring the first-placed car to drive on the hard shoulder. The Merc then moved to the middle lane. A Citroën Picasso that was forced to take action to avoid the Merc summersaulted onto the central reservation.

Several children in the car sustained light injuries. Their parents are fighting for their lives. The police have asked the drivers of the two cars as well witnesses to report to them.