Missing 6-year-old girl found alive

The missing 6-year-old Jihane El Oizi has been found by police "alive and well". The judicial authorities and the police had started a search for the infant after she was last seen on the weekly market near the Anderlecht Abattoir. Detectives were also searching a man in connection with her disappearance. CCTV footage caught the man walking with the missing girl, holding her by the wrist.

The girl has been found, but it remains unclear what happened. Jihane was taken to hospital to be examined, but she is said to be physically okay. 

Earlier, a picture was released of both the girl and the man, after the child had gone missing on Sunday. Her father lost sight of her at the Sunday market in Anderlecht around 3pm. Her disappearance was soon labelled as "giving serious rise to concern."

Concerns grew when a picture emerged taken from CCTV footage and showing an unknown man holding the girl by the wrist. The man turned out to be a stranger to the family.

Golden tip

Police were thus also searching this man, who looked like someone of "of North-African descent". Around noon today, the girl and the man were found in central Brussels. It is still unclear what happened.

The man was taken in for questioning while his house was searched. The 44-year-old has no criminal record.

Police thanked all the people who gave a tip. Apparently, one member of the public gave "the golden tip" which led to the girl's finding.

Now the case has been solved, the VRT news desk has withdrawn photos of both the man and the girl.

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