Bizarre goings on at the library

Staff at a library in the town of Halle face a new threat. In recent weeks a member of the public has done his or her business on a book or a CD on three successive Wednesdays. Library staff are faced with a mystery: why and who is committing this outrage?

It all started four weeks ago when the cleaning lady discovered that a library-goer had done his business on a book. "It was not a present surprise" says culture alderman Marc Snoeck in the daily Het Nieuwsblad. "The cleaning lady thought that somebody had had an accident, but soon it became clear that this was not the case."

The inappropriate behaviour was repeated on two consecutive Wednesdays. Marc Snoeck: "The first time it happened with a book on birds, the second time on a maths book and the third time on a CD! This is a very strange story!"

The municipal authorities have filed a complaint with the police who are now tasked with identifying the culprit. So far there is no suspect, but until anybody is caught the library loo is being locked.

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