Horrendous images of abuse at Flemish chicken farms

Animal rights organisation Animal Rights has released images taken at chicken farms by undercover supporters. The pictures show dreadful abuse of our feathered friends.

Pictures from a chicken farm in Tielt (West Flanders) show how chicks are selected the minute they hatch. Chicks that are not deemed to be suitable are thrown away. They are killed by breaking their neck on the edge of a crate, by being drowned in a bucket of water or by being tossed into a refuse container.

Images made elsewhere show how chicks are fattened up. Some of the chicks are so fat that they cannot stand on their feet. Everywhere there are dead chickens.

Flemish animal welfare minister Ben Weyts says the practices shown are unacceptable. Mr Weyts has dispatched an inspection team to the farms involved that will report to him today so that he can take action. Closing the farms with immediate effect isn't possible because chicks are hatching each and every hour.

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