Demotte: "There are still honest socialists"

The Francophone socialists (PS) have hit back after being kicked out by the Francophone Christian democrats of CDH yesterday. The PM of the Francophone community, Rudy Demotte, says that other parties should not pretend to be free of any sins, and underlines there are also honest and hard-working socialists left in Wallonia and Brussels, warning against a simplified, general picture.

Yesterday, the CDH decided to cut all ties with the PS, retiring from three different coalition governments in Wallonia and Brussels, and immediately calling on other Francophone parties to form a new alliance without the PS, in order to exclude the PS completely from power. This would create a first in 30 years, as the PS is also not part of the federal coalition.

The Francophone liberals (MR) are not against the idea, looking forward to new coalitions that will have to be formed.

The PS is particularly furious because they had already started an operation "clean hands" to change politics within the party completely and put an end to money-grabbing culture.

Surprised about the flirting between CDH and MR

The Francophone PM Rudy Demotte says that CDH and MR were equally involved in the recent scandals (though it needs to be said to a lesser extent). He says his party feels betrayed by the surprise move of the CDH, and he is surprised about the fact that CDH and MR are now seeking support with each other.

"Their manifestos are quite different, and the gap between them was huge in the past CETA case. It all seems not so coherent to me", Demotte concluded, adding that reforms within his party "are necessary because the scandals are painful." Still, Demotte says that "we do still have honest socialists left. Have some patience: the socialists may have problems now, but time will show they are necessary."

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