"Extra security measures will be in place, but we shouldn't let ourselves be intimidated"

The terror alert level in Belgium remains unchanged on 3 (on a scale of 4). However, this does not mean extra security measures will not be taken after the failed terrorist attack. This was confirmed by PM Charles Michel after a meeting with the National Security Council.

Michel underlined that there are no indications of a new, imminent attack. Level 3 means that an attack remains possible and even probable. "Even before today, we had decided to earmark more cash for our security services", Michel said.

This being said, Michel added that "we should try to continue living our lives as normal, being vigilant at the same time. We should not let ourselves be intimidated in times where our basic values, like freedom and democracy, are being threatened."

Michel particularly thanked the soldiers in the Central Station for their intervention and "cold-bloodedness."

Michel did not communicate in detail about the extra measures, but more staff will be deployed and extra checks will be held. This can include body searches at busy places.

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