Coldplay concert tips: come early and don't bring bags, police ask

Coldplay is staging a concert in the King Boudewijn Stadium tonight, just 24 hours after the failed terrorist attack in one of Brussels busiest hubs, the Central Station. The concert will go ahead as planned, but police are taking extra security measures and are advising concert-goers to arrive early.

Ilse Van de Keere of the Brussels police gives following tips:

  • Arrive on time, preferably a couple of hours in advance. Don't forget your ID card and of course, your tickets. The Boudewijn Stadium opens its doors at 4:30PM, Coldplay starts around 8:45PM.
  • More rigid checks at the entrance: body-searching for every concert-goer. There are also metal detectors.
  • Hand bags or small bags are not prohibited, but police advise against taking them. Bigger backpacks of 30 litres and more, are forbidden.
  • Take into account the hot weather.
  • Don't come by car, but take public transport as much as possible.
  • Follow the police Twitter account @zpz_polbru