Belgian FA has a new Chairman

Gérard Linard is the new Chairman of the Belgian Football Association. 74-year-old Mr Linard beat Gilbert Timmermans (72) in a vote held on Saturday. He gained 14 votes against Mr Timmermans’ 8 votes. Gérard Linard takes over from François De Keersmaecker who served 6 terms as Belgian FA Chairman, but was not a candidate in Saturday’s vote.

Mr Linard is currently of the FA’s Francophone wing. His candidature was successful thanks to him not only enjoying the support of the Francophone amateur clubs, but also the backing of the professional clubs who were against Mr De Keersmaecker staying on for another term.

The Flemish Amateur League backed Gilbert Timmermans who obtained 8 votes (most likely the votes of the Flemish amateur clubs and 1 vote from the professional clubs).

Mr Linard obtained 14 votes (most likely the 7 votes of the Francophone amateur clubs and 7 votes from the professional clubs. The perfectly monolingual Mr Linard will be the first Walloon Chair of the Belgian FA in 50 years.

However, at 74 he will only be in the position for a year as FA rules state that Chairpersons have to retire at 75.

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