"Every traffic jam record in Flanders broken last month"

The Flemish Traffic Centre (Vlaams Verkeerscentrum) has confirmed that the past month of June was one of the worst ever for traffic congestion. One of the main causes was the situation in Antwerp, where the main north-south artery through the city was cut in two due to infrastructure works.

Not a single month had more traffic jams than the past month of June, looking at figures since 2011, explains Peter Bruyninckx of the Traffic Centre. "When we look at the city of Antwerp, tailbacks were twice as long as in June 2012. When people claim they are losing more time in the jams than they used to, they are right."

The Antwerp Alderman Koen Kennis says that the works caused disruption at the start, one month ago, but he says that the black spots have been tackled where this was possible. "Today, things are going relatively well." Antwerp's road infrastructure works will take one year and a half.

At present, works are also taking place in the Wetstraat, causing long jams for Brussels centre-bound traffic.

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