Brussels-on-Sea is open!

The entire city cabinet of the City of Brussels descended on Brussels-on-Sea on Friday for the inauguration of the annual event that promises endless summer fun on the margins of the Brussels Canal. For a first time summery animation will be available on both sides of the canal and a new handy bridge has been opened to connect the two sides, but it's quite all right just to relax too!

The opening of Brussels-on-Sea signals the start of summer for many Brusselers. The event is now being staged along quaysides on both sides of the canal with the organisers expecting a half a million people to visit. Stylish and colourful Bengal lights accompanied the opening of the new 'Bridge' as the edifice has been christened. Quaysides on both sides of the water now boast snack bars, drinks bars, volleyball fields and an open air cinema.

Philippe Close, the next Mayor of Brussels, noted that a decade and a half ago the area was on its uppers, but the arrival of the Citroën Museum and many new homes shows that things can change.

Brussels-on-Sea runs until 13 August.

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