Maingain wants to carry on with the socialists

The Chairman of the Francophone Federalist party Défi Olivier Maingain has said in an interview that the Brussels regional government can carry on governing in its current constellation despite the Francophone Christian democrats having withdrawn their support for a coalition that includes the Francophone socialists.

In the light of the Samusocial scandal, the leader of the Francophone Christian democrats Benoît Lutgen announced last month that his party no longer wished to govern with the Francophone socialists in the Brussels, Walloon and Francophone Language Community governments.

The Francophone Christian Democrats are currently in negotiations with the Francophone liberals about the formation of new coalitions.

However, Mr Maingain, whose party will be needed if new majorities are to be formed in the Brussels and Francophone Language Community governments, doesn’t seem too enthusiastic about forming a new coalition.

Speaking on the Francophone public broadcaster’s radio station La Première, Mr Maingain said “I don’t have issues with the Brussels coalition. The government works and has a programme that is in the interest of people of Brussels. CDH (the Francophone Christian democrats) are poorly placed to pull the plug on it.”

According to Mr Maingain the issues with the socialists are limited to the Walloon Government and he sees no reason to break with them in Brussels.

The Samusocial scandal also has no bearing on the working of the Brussels regional government. Mr Maingain says that it is an issue for the City of Brussels and not for the region. He also points to the fact that the liberals are in coalition with the socialists on the city council.

Given that Défi would be needed in order to form a new majority, Olivier Maingain comments could well make the coalition talks in Brussels a whole lot trickier.

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