15 boys become sick at ill-fated Chiro scouts camp

A virus is being held responsible for the illness afflicting at least 15 children participating in a youth camp in Luxembourg Province. On the advice of a doctor the camp operated by the Chiro, a kind of scouts’ movement, was abandoned to prevent the virus from spreading. Eighty boys aged 6 to 18 were taking part.

The youngsters of various ages, but all boys from Steenhuffel, had set out for their campsite in Tenneville a week ago. The camp was supposed to last until Tuesday, but all of a sudden 15 boys came down with a high temperature accompanied by vomiting.

Niels De Ceulaer of Chiro Flanders says the doctor did not connect the virus to the food or the water.

Parent Kirsten Loos had gone along to do the cooking: "The Food Safety Agency attended the scene. They said there was nothing wrong with our fare and that as far as food hygiene was concerned our camp was among the better ones. As soon as boys displayed stomach problems we took even greater care with hygiene washing our hands more and the like."

"One of the boys may have brought the virus into the camp. It's clear when one person is ill it's easy to infect others as everybody is living at close quarters."

Parents were informed of the decision to cancel the camp on Sunday and asked to come and collect their offspring forthwith.

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